Sunday, December 13, 2009

Volunteer Coaching

During the month of September I was able to be a coach for the Walton Booster Club Soccer program in Walton, NY. I was asked by my old football coaches wife if I would like to volunteer to help out the program. I was so excited to put in what I have learned from SUNY Cortland and help out the students. I was the coach of the red team, and I taught the children the fundamentals of soccer including the rules and regulations the age group that I coached was five and six year old children.During the month of September I traveled back to Walton, NY(my home town) every weekend to coach my team and help the kids enjoy the sport of soccer. Saturdays where the days that I taught the children the rules and fundamentals of soccer and on Sundays we would have our games, they were a lot of fun and after each game I would chat with the parents asking them what there children have said about the program and I would also ask them if they had any ideas to improve the program. I had so much fun for the 17.5 hours that I was there for and I was asked by the head director Mrs. Jacobs if I would come back next year and coach and I was so excited and of course I said yes.

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