Sunday, September 20, 2009

Keep it in Schools

The idea that the NFL has, is to keep physical education in school. The program affiliated with the NFL is called play 60. They give kids the motivation to move, by showing them how to stretch, how to eat healthy and how enjoy physical education. The goal is to have kids moving for at least sixty minutes a day. That is not a large amount of time, kids love to be active and they enjoy life. The reason today's youth is becoming less active and more obese is because the opportunities are not there for the kids. The communities, schools, and parents need to create opportunities to keep the kids of the streets and keep them active. The more that children move and the better they eat actually helps the brain. I am currently talking with the head of my community trying to get programs organized for kids.
The video describes how to keep physical education in school. It tells how to get involved and how to be a better teacher. It tells of ways to change the idea of "rolling out the ball" and actually getting involved in the students lives.

mini teaching exercise Take 2

Friday September 18th 2009 was our second chance to reteach our mini lesson that was on the first day of class. Since our first initial teaching episode our class has been working each day with Professor Yang and the lab assistance, on the steps to creating a great lesson and a proper lesson plain. During the past few classes we have broken down the components of a lesson and we broke up in groups and each group taught a section in the desired components of a lesson.

During the teaching exercise the goal was to teach a task to the students in a time limit of four minutes. Part of this exercise was to break down our teaching episode by every ten seconds to see how best to manage my time as seen in my time code sheet I need to give less instruction. I choose the task of the overhead throw in soccer. The over head throw is to get the ball back into play when it is kicked out. I started strong with a great hook which enabled my class to get involved in the lesson. When describing the task of the over head throwing I went into to much detail and had to many cues, I should have focused the majority of my time on the activity you can see this in my time coding sheet. Once I split my class into groups of two I had them practice the over head throw. As I was teaching I did a poor job of giving feedback because I was still focused on getting my cues across to my class. I gave feedback to three students, which was very poor I should have focused on the class and not the task. As I was teaching Professor Yang threw a curve ball at me and had one of my students not pay attention and start doing there own thing, then had the student perform the task wrong. During the video it is clear that when the student on the far end of the line on the left side turns around and throws the ball against the wall. Then the student picks up the ball and then starts to perform the task in the incorrect way. As I am teaching I need to keep my focus on the entirety of the class. I noticed the student performing the task incorrectly after the third time and I was able to give him some one on one teaching. During my lesson I should have giving the class a challenge and then once they accomplished what was asked have a new level of difficulty ready.

After my lesson the lab assistance gave me some feedback on the lesson I just taught. The main points of the critique that I received was that I need to be more vocal and that I need to slow down when I am speaking to my class. After watching my video I realized that I need to give two to three cues to the task and then demonstrate and check for understanding. I discovered after my verbal transcription of my lesson that I need to use less slang words. As I was teaching I was still trying to cover information when it was completely unnecessary because I should have been working on feedback. As you can tell by my feedback analysis that did not go as planned. I thought that overall my lesson went good, I had a good hook and I was very enthused as I was teaching.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Questions and responses about initial micro-teaching episode

Can you tell he was passionate, relaxed and excited to be performing?

- Yes Danyl was very excited to be singing and performing to try and get a record deal. He is a teacher but he was very passionate about singing, you can tell that he is a great teacher. He looks very energetic in what he does no matter what it is.

What do you look like in your initial micro-teaching episode?

-I look that I had the attention of every one that was being taught. I had everyone in a semi-circle and I had them listening and after I demonstrated what the task was. Then I had everyone get comfortable and had them play

Can you see any excitement and enjoyment while teaching?

- I think that I could have been more excited and shown more enjoyment of what I was doing. I love teaching but I need to be more involved with my class and get into the spirit of teaching and helping my students.

How will you convey your interests in helping your students learn?

- I will convey my interests by getting excited and getting them excited in what is being done. I like the idea that you taught of play teach play

Voice, body language, preparedness, confidence, props, calmness, etc...?

-I need to be louder and I think that I had good awareness of the surroundings of the teaching area. In the video I can see my self walking around and moving the obstacles for safety.

How will you make your classes so that students want to come back and want to participate?

- I will switch things up with different types of lessons and different types of sports. I will be excited about teaching witch will make my students interested.

initial micro-teaching episode

This teaching exercise was a surprise to the class. It was the first day of class and everyone walks to the class room expecting to go over the syllabus and then go home. Professor Yang throws a curve ball at the class and sent us to the gym and had us all teach a mini lesson. Professor Yang wanted to see where everyone was with there skills in teaching. I was ready for the surprise because I love to teach, I taught the dribble in the game of basketball. Professor Yang filmed all of us teach and then posted it to you tube so we could put it on our blog. After watching myself teach I noticed that I need to work on my voice, and safety statements.