Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dear Superintndent Chalmers

Dear Superintendent Chalmers,
            I am writing this letter on behalf of the Physical Education Department at the North Shore Academy located just outside of Las Angeles, CA. I am not sure if you are aware of the dilemma that the population is having with children being over weight. Studies show that today's children will not out live us adults. Scary, yes I know that is what I am here for. I would like to represent this new gaming system that I just became a Master Trainer in. The new game is called iDance, this game is similar to Dance Dance Revolution but the game play, movements and effort needed is much higher than the old gaming system of Dance Dance Revolution. Another reason that iDance is much more efficient and effective on the students bodies and heart rates is that the game allows you to have up to 32 users at the same time, as with Dance Dance Revolution you where allowed 2-4 users. iDance is also a better system because it is wireless as with DDR it is wired to the game council.
            During the training I received from the creator, designer, Mr Bas we did a study that should on the first attempts the users were struggling because it was new to many and also they did not understand how to use the machine properly. After a few trials (songs) Bas showed everyone that when you are using the machine you need to keep moving and stay with the rythme. After the Pre-test each participant whould fill out a series of papers asking how they liked it, how much there precived excursion was, and the heart rate was also calculated and scored. The Post-test showed masive amounts of increased energy, it became more fun, because they understood the system.
            This system would be great for out school, not only would it help our students become more physically active it shows them something knew that they can do, as opposed to playing traditional games. The game system iDance is really neat because it uses technology in to the game creating interests in many different ways. If you have any more comments or concers please feel free to email me, call, or stop into my office. Here are the links to the research that was performed on the iDance system.

Thank you so much for your time,
                        Bradley Velten  
                             Head of the Physical Education Department at North Shore Academy 

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