Monday, September 7, 2009

Questions and responses about initial micro-teaching episode

Can you tell he was passionate, relaxed and excited to be performing?

- Yes Danyl was very excited to be singing and performing to try and get a record deal. He is a teacher but he was very passionate about singing, you can tell that he is a great teacher. He looks very energetic in what he does no matter what it is.

What do you look like in your initial micro-teaching episode?

-I look that I had the attention of every one that was being taught. I had everyone in a semi-circle and I had them listening and after I demonstrated what the task was. Then I had everyone get comfortable and had them play

Can you see any excitement and enjoyment while teaching?

- I think that I could have been more excited and shown more enjoyment of what I was doing. I love teaching but I need to be more involved with my class and get into the spirit of teaching and helping my students.

How will you convey your interests in helping your students learn?

- I will convey my interests by getting excited and getting them excited in what is being done. I like the idea that you taught of play teach play

Voice, body language, preparedness, confidence, props, calmness, etc...?

-I need to be louder and I think that I had good awareness of the surroundings of the teaching area. In the video I can see my self walking around and moving the obstacles for safety.

How will you make your classes so that students want to come back and want to participate?

- I will switch things up with different types of lessons and different types of sports. I will be excited about teaching witch will make my students interested.

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