Sunday, September 20, 2009

Keep it in Schools

The idea that the NFL has, is to keep physical education in school. The program affiliated with the NFL is called play 60. They give kids the motivation to move, by showing them how to stretch, how to eat healthy and how enjoy physical education. The goal is to have kids moving for at least sixty minutes a day. That is not a large amount of time, kids love to be active and they enjoy life. The reason today's youth is becoming less active and more obese is because the opportunities are not there for the kids. The communities, schools, and parents need to create opportunities to keep the kids of the streets and keep them active. The more that children move and the better they eat actually helps the brain. I am currently talking with the head of my community trying to get programs organized for kids.
The video describes how to keep physical education in school. It tells how to get involved and how to be a better teacher. It tells of ways to change the idea of "rolling out the ball" and actually getting involved in the students lives.

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