Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bingo Bowling

On Monday November 9, 2009, it was the first day of Lab D. Lab D is our last teaching lab of the year, and this lab is designed to get you out of your comfort zone. My teaching assignment was set in the local bowling alley. The students were responsible to meet at the bowling alley at the start of class time. Every student showed up early so we could all get our bowling shoes and our bowling balls. Class started a little late due to a men's league at the bowling alley but we knew that we could do a good job with the lesson. Lab D is a solo mission and is designed to have each student teach fifteen minutes since the class started late I was only able to teach for twelve minutes.
So for Lab D I was last to teach behind my classmates Chris and Jason. During the week we meet up and discussed who was going to teach what part of bowling since there is only so much. So as I started my lesson I had the class look at my visual aid to go over my cues which where, approach, push away, pendulum swing, and then the release. On my visual aid I had a diagram of a bowling lane and then the set up of the pins. For my demonstration I had a student who I knew who perform well and he did by hitting the exact location I asked him to, which was the one three pocket of the pins. So after the demonstration I had the class preorganized before I taught so it would save time, each student knew what lane to go to. I had the class play a game a made up called "pockets". The idea behind "pockets" is to have right handed throwers aim for the one-three pocket of the pins, and have left handed throwers aim for pocket one-two. The students had a lot of fun with this game, I was able to tell with the feedback I gave and the smiles that I saw.
After a few minutes I had the students regroup and I was ready to set them up with there next challenge and game, which was Bingo Bowling. But during my re-grouping I had a student misbehave and start saying how stupid this game was and how stupid bowling was. At first I asked the student why the game was stupid, and he kept replying. After a few answers and questions back and forth I realized that the student was just seeking attention. So within a minute I was apply to tell the student that I would deal with him in a second, and then i finished setting up the rest of the class. So after the little interruption I was able to get the students into the game. I found a Bingo Bowling scorecard online that I gave out to the teams of two that I had placed in order before class started. The idea behind the game was first to have fun and then have the students work on taking angles to try to mark of the score sheet. I used the Bingo Bowling score card for my assessment, which was required for lab D. After I set the class on there way I had to go talk to the student who was not having fun bowling. I talked to him for a little bit and then I thought to ask him, " What is your favorite animal", and he replied "I like Penguins." You can here me guide this student through the lesson in my recorded audio. So after I found out that he liked penguins I asked him to waddle like a penguine with me as we approach the lane and prepair to roll the bowling ball. After we went up and bowled like his favorite animal he enjoyed the rest of the class. As I walked around and checked up on the progress of the game and gave feedback to my students which you can see in my feedback anylasis.

During my lesson closer, I tried to end my lesson with asking where bowling was invented, but I gave the anwser by accidetn instead of saying bowling. In my lesson plan you can see that I had a few questions about the history and about the cues. To end my lesson I gave a hook into the next class by saying we will have a round robin tournement the next class and the winner will recieve three free games of bowling. I felt really good about my lesson then I realized that I never gave my class a saftey statement, I noticed this after filling out my C-9 form for this lesson.

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