Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lab B Can You Here Me Know

During Lab B we switched up the topics and we all taught an aspect of Ultimate Frisbee. I was excited about this lesson because I love Ultimate Frisbee. Having a six minute lesson as apposed to a four minute lesson really gives you more time to plan and change the task for the class. After Pat started the class of great, it was my turn to teach throwing to a moving target. I was excited to teach this aspect of the ultimate because it is fun and it gets the class moving. The first drill I ran was a moving triangle with passing. It allowed for the students to move and get comfortable throwing to a moving target like in a game situation. After each group was ready for a new task I decided to have the groups add a defender this way the thrower has to move and the receiver has to get open. During my lesson I noticed that I still need to work on controlling the speed of my voice to some point and also I need to project my voice more. I think the reason I talk so fast when I teach is because I get so excited about my lessons that I do not realize that I am talking fast. The one major problem I had with my lesson was when I had the second group demonstrate the new task I forgot one of my students name. I felt really bad because I knew his name and it was on the tip of my tongue and the "cat grabbed my tongue". I felt through out my lesson I gave adequate feedback to the majority of the students. As you can hear in my lesson I was pointing out what the student did well not just always saying "good job". I used the cues that I have in the lesson, for example "Great job Rachael way to anticipate the throw to Martino". I felt I did a good job with my lesson, and of course there are still many things that I need to improve on. As you can see in my verbal transcript that I gave a lot of feedback to the majority of my students.

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